Here resides the largest (at least to my knowledge) collection of pure (meaning adhering to the width and height requirements) 88x31 buttons on the internet. This archive is not by any means complete, and its ever shifting and expanding. The collection is not yet clear of duplicates, and it requires YOUR help. The collection host is looking for duplicate hunters, description scribes and button gatherers. To contribute in any of the aformentioned roles, as well as to have your name included in the credits list as a source if your button resides here (or if you believe the collection sourced buttons from your collection) then please email me at capstasher@calroins.com, or direct message me on Discord, at Lord Cap Stasher#6859. Contributors to the collection will have their names included in the credits list under the respective job. Please specify the file names if you spot a duplicate, this is a requirement for submission. No software I have found so far has been able to identify images as the same, if one is compressed or under a different file format.

This collection is a work of passion, and available under Public Domain. Feel free to steal and modify the collection, just know whatever you add we'll steal back and expand it further. These back and forths help with the archival process! Do please note this doesn't make the individual buttons public domain. If please credit the artists and make sure the buttons link to their respective websites.

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