Electric Light Orchestra is a band lead by Jeff Lynne, God's musical gift to man. They are most known for their 70's albums like Face the Music, Discovery , A New World Record, and most importantly Out of the Blue, their most well known album with it's timeless hit Mr. Blue Sky. However, my favourite album comes after their peak. The sound, the image, the masterpiece that captured my mind and soul came in 1981, with the release of their album Time.

Interestingly, despite only being released in 1981, Time is the very first concept album based around the idea of time travel. Somehow no one else has thought of that before ELO. Imagine that, take my favourite band and have them make an album about one of my special interests? You don't get that often. And on top of that, it's actually an amazing album!

Figure 1: Jeff Lynne - The immortal vampire musical legend