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culture shock: purgatory shuffle by pogy366 - Sept. 2005

Romania is a land full of myths and legend, from the very old, to the very new. Sadly, it seems not a lot of these stories make it into English, let alone any other language except their native tongue. As a Romanian speaker, I have decided to gather these stories and translate them for a larger, international audience. This project aims to have each story available in English, Spanish, French and German.

I will try to keep the editorialising to a minimum, but if there is something which needs explaining, they will be labeled as an editor's note, as follows:

Editor's Note:

These will be used for explaining things specific to Romania, or that some audiences may not be aware of, as well as maps and other details

The Music
Originally, this site was designed as a template for a post-punk music page, so I thought, given the subject of the page and the origin of the template, it would only be fitting to include some haunting Romanian "Doomer" songs.