his page is authored by Lord cap stasher, a 20-something year old archival enjoyer. I typically deal with scanning old books, documenting old or obscure websites, as well as dealing in all sorts of antiques and oddities. My room is essentially a walk-in Victorian curiosity cabinet. I have researched various occult and theological topics, natural history, cartography, worldbuilding, linguistics and much more. Honestly, the list of topics I'm interested in grows larger every day. I love learning interesting things, and eventually plan to have a way to share my knowledge with others.

I am Orthodox Christian by faith, adopted this later in life, and slowly learning how to be a good Christian.

I strongly believe in freedom of speech, de-centalised internet, and shorter copyrights & patents. Knowledge, information, this stuff is meant to be shared, and I hold that my beliefs are the most effective when it comes to propagating information. Many believe information should come to them pre-digested, with all the misinformation picked out, but I believe its up to each individual to discern true from false. No one person or group of people can be in charge of what is and isn't correct, human bias is too strong.

I run a variety of personal project. Many, get "abandoned", only to be picked back up again in the future. The status of the projects is as follows:

  • capstasher.neocities.org - [ACTIVE] (You're here right now!)
  • The Largest 88x31 Collection on the Internet - [ACTIVE]
  • Victorian 3-Tone Covers - [ACTIVE]
  • The Memoryhole Wiki - [ACTIVE]
  • Computatia:York - [ACTIVE]
  • Personal Character Sheet - [ON HOLD]
  • Serial Experiments Lain Wiki - [ON HOLD]
  • Romanian Urban Legends - [ON HOLD]
  • Pokemon TCG Research Hub - [ON HOLD]
  • Hellgrad - [ON HOLD]
  • Agenda 2040 - [ON HOLD]