Beginning of the Project [PINNED]

Welcome to yet another project from Cap Stasher's Corner, the home of forever in development projects.

The aim of this project is to gather together as many free books offered by Forgotten Books (they're great guys, doing great work, make sure to check them out.). They have a large collection of pdfs and offer a new one for free every day. Every now and then I will remember the website exists and go there just to download the free pdf of the day, because I am a data hoarder. So I decided to get the ones I saved so far together and upload them for everyone to use.

I will need to find a place to store these long term because I'm a brokey who can't afford Neocities premium and pdfs take up a lot of space. Prior to uploading these first few pdfs i was only using up around 14% of the 1GB I have available. Now I only have 40%. Might end up using but we'll see.

Feel free to send in the ones you have, if you got them through the free book programme, and let me know when you got them if you remember.

You can reach me by:

  • email:
  • discord: Lord Cap Stasher#6859

This pinned post will also serve as the comment section for the website.

New Addition: Durell's School Algebra

New Addition: History of Napa and Lake Counties California